5% off gadgets, 10% off TV stands & more!

SVP are it again, with even more coupons and reductions. Next up you can save 5% on gadgets and novelty items as well as products from Crumpler, Intenso, PiData, Jet Tech and S&C Group.

The Crumpler lines were recently reduced in price and are now even cheaper. Intenso make CD & DVD media, USB flash drives and have now added a personal video player to their range, like the iPod Nano only a bit bigger. PiData make recordable CDs & DVDs, Jet Tec make cheap compatible inkjet cartridges and S&C Group make TV stands and you can get them at low prices at SVP.

Use the coupon “svpselections” to get the 5% off. This offer expires on the 14th of February 2008 and cannot be combined with any other coupons. You can alsio use the code “stand10” to get 10% off the prices on the range of S&C TV stands, so you could save even more by using this one instead of the 5% discount code, if you’re buying a TV stand.

The “stand10” code expires on February the 29th 2008 and cannot be combined with any other discount code.

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